CAMbrella – Communication Platform on topics related to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Europe

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In Belgium, the legal situation of CAM is at a critical stage, and at the conference the participants from the country were listening attentively. “For us the CAMbrella results are very important. We are building a united Belgian group of CAM organizations in order to strengthen the cooperation and convince the minister of Health of the qualities of CAM, Sieglinde Oliviers, representing Liga Homeopathica Classica. “Unfortunately the academic medical society in Belgium is very critical towards CAM. We try to unite both kinds of CAM practitioners in one professional organisation, but the medical doctors practicing CAM don’t want to cooperate with non-medical CAM practitioners because they fear that they will not be taken seriously by the medical society. In the forthcoming months Portugal will be regulating several CAM therapies, and this is a challenge for both practitioners and government. “This was a very interesting conference, not only regarding the topics addressed but also with regard to the level of commitment that everyone showed. And I think that the networking moments provided were very important”, says Frederico Carvalho, Instituto de Medicina Tradicional, Portugal. “We strongly believe that this is a good opportunity to collaborate, and if one EU country, such as Portugal, regulates CAM in a way that fulfils the wishes and interests of the European CAM community, this can be useful for other EU countries as well” Carvalho says. “Thus we hope that the CAMbrella findings can provide our parliament members and professional bodies with the most up to date information regarding CAM”. Text: Jesper Odde Madsen cambrella2-5991047