CAMbrella – Communication Platform on topics related to Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) in Europe

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A registration system for CAM practitioners – but only a weak connection between CAM and the public health system.

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CAMbrella goes west

CAMbrella was discussed with an international audience at a congress in Portland, Oregon

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Chiropractic – from CAM to conventional health care

Chiropractic in Italy is an example of how CAM modalities can get acceptance from medical health authorities.

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Health debate can benefit from CAM issues

The European Public Health Alliance, EPHA, wants to make use of the “CAM input” in the European health debate at large.

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ECIM congress in Florence, September 21-22, 2012

The 5th European Congress for Intergrative Medicine – ECIM – will take place in Italy this year. The event aims at physicians, healthcare and wellness professionals, researchers, and sponsors to look closely into the efficacy of complementary/unconventional medicines and practices and their integration with orthodox medicine.

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