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welcome to our blog that serves the one and only purpose to boil down the CAMbrella slogan out of the key messages all of you have contributed. Now, here you find them as you wrote them – in the order of WPs. WP7 still is not there as they are not yet done with their deliverable, maybe they can extrapolate in due time out of their draft ( 😉 ) – that would really be great! The others find what they have been writing and can have a look at what the others have come up with. In a second step I arranged the keymessages along two lines: the ones that seem to me stress more the scientific side, the „what we found out“ stance and the others which in my view go more fo the „action“ or „policy recommendation“ line. The third step gives a first arrangement of keymessages NOT along the workpackage allocation, but along the most common „hits“, the intersections. This version is my own wording drawing strongly on your inputs. I am really curious about your comments! Now for the timeline:

The key message and slogan finding process is closed with

This means we have about 6 weeks for a happy debat about what to throw into and what to throw out of our witches brew! Looking forward to your postings! Bettina

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