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From the virtuous exchange with the millenary knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine we find the comfort of tested and effective formulas in the prevention of Covid-19. Laura Ciminelli, sinologist and didactic coordinator of the Superior Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Villa Giada in Rome, talks about it.

Can we expect answers to new health emergencies from Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Close collaboration between countries has highlighted the role of Yangsheng methods in preventing Covid-19. The collaboration between therapeutic formulas could represent an effective and renewed form of prevention for one’s health. Even in emergencies.

Laura Ciminelli, sinologist, trained in Chinese language and Italian literature in Rome at the La Sapienza University and the Italian Institute for the Middle and Far East, completing her training in China.

medicina-naturale-1694469-7963022-2357273-3737865She and she are the Director of the “SinoEnergie” Integrated Training-Art-Health Center and didactic coordinator of the Higher Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine Villa Giada in Rome.

Since 2016 you have been a member of the Board of Directors of the Medical Education Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine (EIC – Education Instruction Committee – WFCMS World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies). On behalf of this Committee, you have translated the COVID-19 diagnosis and treatment plan into Italian.

Certain of the seriousness of her sources, we ask her how she is living this period and what information is coming to her from China.

Can we talk about the prevention and treatment of the pandemic?

All these deaths and the terrible conditions in which they occurred, I believe they will always remain in our feeling as a terrible test and an extreme warning to our consciences for the safeguarding of life on planet Earth.

In this period I took the opportunity to approach the Yoga philosophy and finding a powerful common root with the Qi Gong techniques that I already knew, I tried to cultivate the art of breathing.

At the beginning of the epidemic infection in Italy, I had already been involved for two months by what was happening in China, and having access to Chinese social media and media, I had received a lot of news on the prevention and treatment work with traditional Chinese medicine.

Initially, out of guilty naivety and incurable optimism, I had hoped that under the threat of emergency Chinese herbal compounds could be taken into consideration for our Italian patients, given their effectiveness above all in terms of prevention, but also in the treatment of light cases. and medium, to stop the evolution of the disease towards serious and critical outcomes. However, we know that many obstacles hold back a peaceful examination of the effectiveness and practicability of natural methods.

41238276_medicina-tradizionale-meditteranea1-1140x760-8701753-6950161-3977058-5944744What tools does Chinese Medicine offer for the benefit of prevention?

Naturally, the Covid 19 pandemic has turned a spotlight on issues that had lagged behind others, first of all prevention, which now stops being a concept and asks to become action. We therefore understand that it is even more necessary today to insert new behavior patterns for individuals, aimed at preserving a good condition of health and attention to one’s immune system.

Chinese Medicine offers many tools and in this sense, it stands as preventive medicine, not only in terms of remedies and techniques, but also of behaviors.

For the prevention of new coronavirus pneumonia, an official phytotherapeutic formula has been issued, consisting of the combination of three famous classic formulas, to be used in decoction.

The desired effect can be summarized in some aspects:

  • Cleanse the lungs of heat;
  • protect and clean our internal environment;
  • strengthen the immune system;
  • avoid that pathogenic factors from the outside penetrate inside.


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